Inner Tension

The senses are essential to the content of my painting and video cross-medium work.

In my paintings, automatic mark-making latches on and grow in certain systems over layers. Inner inklings prompt mark-making; textures become forms; forms eventually give way to symbols or topographical spaces to navigate through. I work towards balancing on the fringe where the imagery created can shift between the micro (cellular) and the macro (cosmic). Scale* is a flexible factor in my work, and in turn allows openness for the imagery to be viewed as either matter or system (i.e. cell in a body, a person, group of people, a planet, cluster of stars etc.)  

On the ground of self-referential abstract painting language, I am inspired to integrate metaphysics, science and philosophy of Eastern and Western traditions. Contents include: Origins of consciousness and the universe; quantum physics; astrology and cosmic cycles; subtle energy, and their synchronistic and synergetic manifestations. In a sense, I mimic cross-cultural principles of creation*— union (stillness and sense of wholeness) and fractalized metamorphic desires (movement and evolution) in the process of my art making. Through the built-up layers or reduction of them I create dynamics of complementary (i.e. wet and dry, expansion and contraction) for the work to “bubble out” self-organizing systems of forms.

My video work embodies the reflective painting process in recordings, and post-production mutates painterly marks into the quality of the digital, creating the third aesthetic. Sound is a vital variable in my audiovisual, creating vibrations with breath, wind, voice, and other soundscapes. Through the multilayered continuum, I am interested in softening the boundaries between subject and object; material and phenomena.

*Neil D. Theise & Menas C. Kafatos (2016). Fundamental awareness: A framework for integrating science, philosophy and metaphysics, Communicative & Integrative Biology, 9:3, e1155010, DOI: 10.1080/19420889.2016.1155010

*Video sources of inspirations that informs my practice can be viewed HERE

Texture to Form; Form to Symbol

N a v i g a t i n g :::

Auto - Expansion(Tan) - Contraction(Essence) - Activation – Acceleration - Infusion - Revelation -Seed

T i p of the T o n g u e // Around the C o r n e r *


V i b r a t i o n // W a v e ~



Pineal gland-Amygdala-Collective Unconscious-History in DNA

Disclaimer !

Post Newtonian medical model = Art

Phenomenology = Alchemy

Artist Bio

Yejin Yoo (b. Seoul, South Korea) creates cross-medium work investigating/researching the essence of the media utilized (painting, audiovisual and herself) as subject of and tool for creative expressions. Her interest in medium-referential (self-referential) content points to the metaphysical nature of inquiry. She is committed in creating work that integrates art, science and esoteric traditions in the hopes to communicate mind-body-spirit connection, one to the One, and nature to Nature. On a perceptual level, Yejin follows a process of aligning the eyes and mind to synchronize with the rhythm of the heartbeat.

Yejin holds BFA and MFA with an emphasis in painting and installation, and MPS with Art Therapy Merit Award from School of Visual Arts, NY. She is based in Brooklyn, NY since 2000, practicing art, and facilitating art therapy sessions and holistic support groups as a licensed creative arts therapist and a reiki master.