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Mask-Center-Biota, 2014-2019, audiovisual, 01:00’ excerpt from 11:46’

Digital over-paint (2019) on mixed-media artist book (2014). Sound collaboration with North Indian classical musician and teacher Dada Tapan Baidya.

In Mask-Center-Biota, morning and evening Raaga improvisations were recorded separately and juxtaposed digitally to create one soundtrack.

A raga or raaga (rāga; also raag or ragam ; literally "coloring, tingeing, dyeing" is a melodic framework for improvisation in Indian classical music. *“Raga” in Sanskrit language means color. By color we mean both chromatic color and emotional color. - Wikipedia

DNA INdiA -Work in Progress:: expands the paradigm of culture and tradition through the lens of collective memory via energetic and emotional bodies. The improvisation draws on boundaries of tradition, tonal resonance and dissonance, artists as cultures, humans as receptors and communicators, and digital layers. The collaboration invites participants to experience sound, movement, art and tradition on a vibrational level. Co-creators utilize their authentic voices and movements to tune in and shape the experience. The intention for the project is to facilitate a kind of transformation through transmission and synergy where sound and movement becomes the bonding agents for the unity and reality of a shared frequency.

Pacific Memory, 2014-2018, audiovisual, 01:00’ excerpt from 04:46’

Audio: “I am thee, thou is me, me is thou” in English and Korean, forward and in reverse

Turtle Tooth, 2014-2018, audiovisual, 00:5o’ excerpt from 04:25’

Digital over-paint (2018) on mixed-media artist book (2014). More chronology of the work can be found in the link below:

Dark Water - Sunshine Vessel, 2013-2018, audiovisual, 01:00’ excerpt from 03:00’

Wheel that Turns Backward Home - Version 2, 2013-2018, audiovisual - 00:13’ excerpt from 01:03’

Wheel that Turns Backward Home - Version 1, 2013-2018, audiovisual, 00:13’ excerpt from 00:52’

Seed Connection, 2015-2018, audiovisual, 00:25’ excerpt from 01:34’

Autumn Lake Song, 2018, audiovisual, 01:00’

Horizontal Song - Taurus Full Moon, 2018, audiovisual, 00:53’


Intimacy with 10,000 things, 2013-2018, audiovisual, 01:00’

Book 2, 2013-2016, video - 00:25’ excerpt from 00:50’, digital over-paint on Book 2 (2013, artist book, 8.5x11”, mixed media)