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“They say they are the souls of poets who cannot keep quiet because, when they were alive, they never wrote the poems they wanted to.” -John Berger

“Black and white creates a distance. It sets the passing of time” -from the film Clouds of Sils Maria

Cicada (2018) embodies the creative principle of individuation — the masculine and the feminine. The metaphors are represented by the cicadas — shifting metamorphic forces, the yin; the net — unchanging consciousness, the yang.

Black is a color that has the capacity to describe the ultimate duality principles of the natural laws — everything and nothing. Textures of black — matt and glossy — through the absorbent to reflexive qualities, can create tension between the meanings: inertia vs creation; uni vs multi; unity vs fractal; stillness vs movement.

In the series, each image is embedded with two kinds of grids: The wire net of the physical window screen and the computer-generated net. The latter visually echoes the formal. At the same time, the graphic layer breaks down the cohesive visual field of the intricately woven wires. The dot/net composition generates optical illusion which adds a sense of movement to the still image. This movement describes the misty net of everything and nothing, the veil, and the synchronicity while articulating the sound of cicadas in a visual form permeating the moment in time, in one summer’s day.

YYOO-Cicada River BW 01.jpg
YYOO-Cicada Tree BW 02.jpg
YYOO-Cicada Sky BW 01.jpg
YYOO-Cicada Sky BW 02.jpg
YYOO-Cicada Sky BW03.jpg