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“They say they are the souls of poets who cannot keep quiet because, when they were alive, they never wrote the poems they wanted to.” -John Berger

“Black and white creates a distance. It sets the passing of time” -from the film Clouds of Sils Maria

Cicada Activation (2018) embodies the creative principle of individuation — the masculine and the feminine. The metaphors are represented by the cicadas — shifting metamorphic forces, and the net — unchanging consciousness. The divine masculine and divine feminine as the complementary energetic qualities that sustain the world, as opposed to gender assigning principles, can be found in creation myths of yogic traditions — Shakti and Shiva, as well as Daoist principles of harmony — yin and yang.

Black is a color that has the capacity to describe the ultimate duality principles of the natural laws — everything and nothing. Textures of black — matt and glossy — through the absorbent to reflexive qualities, can create tension between the meanings: inertia vs creation; uni vs multi; unity vs fractal; stillness vs movement.

In the series, each image is embedded with two kinds of grids: The wire net of the physical window screen and the computer-generated net. The latter visually echoes the formal. At the same time, the graphic layer breaks down the cohesive visual field of the intricately woven wires. The dot/net composition generates optical illusion which adds a sense of movement to the still image. This movement describes the misty net of synchronicity while articulating the sound of cicadas permeating the moment in time, in one summer’s day.

sc_ 1,170.png

Cicada Activations River, Tree & Sky 2018, variations computer generated graphic over digital photography

Cicada Activation Tree 2018, 11x16.5 in, image transfer, intaglio

Cicada Activation Tree 2018, 7.5x10 in, risograph; Cicada Activation Tree, 7x9.5 in, monotype over risograph print; Cicada Activation Tree, digital photography

sc_ 1,170.png
cicDas 4 LR.jpg
cicDas all LR.jpg

Cicada Activations 2018, 7x9 in, 7x9 in, 7.5x10 inrisograph, intaglio, silkscreen, monotype