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Dot-on-Dot.net (2014-2017)

This digital space is an extension of the artist’s studio and an abstract autobiographical diary over the period of 4 years from 2014 to 2017. In the virtual lab, Yoo mixes ingredients of physical textures/marks with illusions/illuminating pixelations to create a visual catalyst that prompts an energetic shift for herself and other viewers. The subject of her photos varies from her paintings/art objects to animate/inanimate beings, other natural elements and everyday environments. These images are juxtaposed as a way to articulate a process or a just-around-the-corner thought linked with sensory memories. Some of the texts incorporated in the web pages reflect holistic inspirations for the artist and her interest in esoteric traditions.

Yoo's desire to create is linked with the intuiting through eyes where the tension between the visual elements gives rise to a sense of movement and affirmation of life. Sensory dialectics, such as complementary color/temperature/speed, is often present in her work to create perceptual elasticity and fluidity, to be balanced in the eyes of a beholder.