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Screen (2018) portrays the dialectical tension between the progression of time and timelessness. The perceptual duality of time is embodied in the pictures: Traditional offset print versus digital images; the life force of insects and amphibians versus the trans-materiality of saturated pixelations. In the similar vein, computer screens and window screens are juxtaposed. The conceptually polarized elements are aesthetically reminiscent of each other — LED stripes and sunlit blinds, a grainy monitor and a gritty wire mesh — and when put together in diptychs conceive the synthesis of non-analytical synchronicity. The layering of diptychs — a photograph of a photograph over the original photograph — creates a boundary by tonal variations while reflecting the consciousness’ reflexive nature: A mythical snake eating its tail to liberate and evolve.

Within a space of amplified quietude, Screen attempts to distill essences true to the subject’s physicality. The study of screens through picture-taking elicits visual qualities hidden to our naked eyes. The electromagnetic field suspended in time suggests an essence that relates to human desires — a sense of belonging that is felt through, yet beyond, our emotional body.

Moths. They navigate by the moon— they fly into flames thinking they are moving towards the moon’s light.

Screen, 2018, computer graphic over digital photos, series of ten diptych images

Titles in the order shown: Aura; Eye of a Beholder; Loud Escape; Mossy; Pink Fire; Liquid Terra Cotta; Fahrenheit Rose; Illuvolution; Jet; Seep

Screen Book, 2018, digital print, image transfer, gouache, overpaintings, archival tape and experimental braid binding, 7.5 x 5 x 0.5 in, dimension vary with braided binding extensions, 22 pages, ed. 1 of 1